Saturday, May 01, 2010

now the hard part

On my list of things to finish before I go back to work is a quilt for our sofa - which is to protect the slipcover which is protecting the sofa itself. Babies and cats make messes and I think washing a quilt will be easier than the slipcover, but I may just start piling up quilts as time goes on. I do have more than enough fabric to make that happen plus the whole "Princess and the Pea" thing could be pretty comfortable. But anyway, here is the finished top. I did a simple 7" square patchwork and it's rather bright, bringing together all the colours in the main floor. It should work well with he black sofa, red walls and super-bright-yellow painting. I didn't buy anything new (well, not for this) so I'd like to think this is use-what-you-have kind of quilt. So, now the hard part: quilting.

My mom has a long-arm quilting machine in her basement and has been clearing out some room to see if we can get it working. Space is an issue whatever the quilting method, but I like the idea of not having to baste this. Hopefully I can find time in the next 5 weeks to spend a few hours with her to see how far I can get. The list is so long and I'd really like to cross at least something off.

Quilting inspiration a plenty here, here and here. Oh, and of course here.


AnnaVallance said... [Reply to comment]

The quilt looks great. I have invested in a walking foot and am now able to do some of my own quilting, mainly quilt in the ditch. Very fast for baby quilts.

t does wool said... [Reply to comment]

what a beautifully pieced quilt...have a great weekend`