Thursday, October 27, 2005

denim diversion

I've taken a break from little creatures to work on bags. Even though I got great feedback and suggestions for the wool birds on denim, I just couldn't make them work for me. A friend asked for two patchwork photo albums and working on them inspired me to use silks again - which then seemed to work well with black denim. I'm much happier with these. I guess I just needed a break from using wool . . . as blasphemous as that sounds!

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

knit birdies

A new little flock for my growing zoo. These guys are the best in portable projects - I knit one every morning when Jay and Sadie drive me to work. Jay talks about sports, Sadie chirps in the backseat and a colourful bird takes shape in my hands. Is there any better way to start the work day?

And thank you for all your wonderful comments about the bundlies, with so much encouragement I think I'll keep making more!

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

wool bundlies

More finished softies - this time little babes in snowsuits . . . at least that's what I meant them to be. I hope they work as Christmas tree ornaments. Next up, tiny knitted birds if I can figure out a pattern. I think I'll use the mice from Lyn's post as inspiration!

Friday, October 07, 2005

long lost legs

Sadie is officially one year old. Last night at 11:55 I remembered back to one year ago, meeting my little sweetheart in her first moments of life. Tomorrow the grandparents are coming over for a birthday celebration and I'm sure there will be a cake-all-over-the-baby photo to show, but for now I'm posting one of my favourite Sadie sights. Unfortunately these legs are disappearing as she cruises around furniture for hours at a time, but they were an absolute hallmark of her first year. They solicited many comments and squeezes from strangers and were the inspiration for our family diaper change jingle:

Teeny, tiny feet
And itsy, bitsy knees,
And big, big, big, big thighs.

Saturday, October 01, 2005

bag lady

We are crazy. Not only do we have a one-year old, two cats, a messy home and a brand new schedule of Mommy working full time, but now Jay and I have decided to host a sale in our house just in time for the holiday season. Of course it will be fun . . . as long as we can figure out how to make enough stuff by the first of December. So here is one prototype in the "bag" category - anyone think this is going somewhere? Should there only have been one bird?