Wednesday, September 10, 2014

fun with charts

The best knitting lesson from my Squam adventure in June? How to read knitting charts, hands down. I've been scared of charts for years, but one class with Franklin Habit demystified those grids and now I can't imagine how I ever attempted lace using written instructions. Oh wait - I didn't.

This cowl is my third lace cowl since camp ended, and I've already started a fourth (Greyhaven, not photographed yet). It might be turning into a chart obsession? But this one is actually my favourite finished garment, though the yarn is partly responsible for that. Quince & Co's new Tern wool/silk blend has a fantastic palette and I just love this colour. It's called Dusk, and it's a smokey lavender that has a slightly heathered effect. I thought the silk would make it softer to handle, but even so, it's very comfortable to wear. And with this cool summer I've already had plenty of opportunity to wear it (and so has Sadie). The pattern is Undersea Garden and the fact that the lace creates a bias twist on the cowl is part of the charm, but what I really like is the distinct design at the top. Most often lace cowls are just topped with garter ridges, so this is a nice departure.

My summer reading has been a bit slower, partly because I've chosen books that I never felt I could devour. I enjoyed Terry Fallis' No Relation, though it was a little slow moving for me. But the question it raises is so interesting: if you were stuck with the same name as someone famous (or infamous), how would it affect your life? I quite liked the characters and especially liked the opening scene set in a NYC advertising agency. As my first novel for the 8th Canadian Book Challenge, it was a great fit.

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