Thursday, October 28, 2010

hoodie part 2

Another $3 sweater, another track suit for Milo. This hoodie was my second try before realizing that I should adjust the neck to decrease bulk - but now that he's worn it a few times it doesn't seem to make a difference once it's on. I may be being too picky, so we'll see if the whole re-drafting thing actually happens. What I do need to pay attention to is Milo's growing body. The pants had to be re-done with a panel up the center and a band around the waist because they were WAY too tight on him the first time around. I liked the fleece so much it seemed worth getting them right and now I have no scraps left to speak of. Truthfully the hoodie could have been a bit longer too - it sticks to Milo's generous belly and would show some skin if I didn't put a onesie underneath.

Lesson learned. Here's some other boy clothes for sewing inspiration: great vest (and wallpaper!), more 90-Minute goodness complete with elephant, be-tassled hoodie, awesome chambray shirt, and a one-piece jumpsuit. Hmm, I think I've already forgotten about fixing my hoodie pattern so I can move on to that one-piece jumpsuit thing. A toddler would love it, right?

Friday, October 22, 2010

lucky day

Fabricland is not known for having good knit fabrics. But every so often, on a very random day, they have a bin of ends that are just perfect.

I was debating ordering from this Etsy shop (I mean, white stripes on black? red and white stripes? sailor navy? awesome!) but these knit ends were very soft and only $3 a meter. Which means I spent way less money and lugged a whopping 17 meters of the yummy stuff back to the office after my lucky lunchtime errand. And look at those colours! Red and white stripes too! Oh yes, I am a fabric geek. A fabric geek who's having a hard time not going back for more.

Everything is washed and my head is swimming with garment ideas. After having trouble with the neckline of another boatneck (using the coral red) I switched gears and made Milo a ringer shirt. It's handy to have a no-fail project to help keep momentum - plus, now that I see these two colours together, I think I should make a similar shirt for Jay. With 16 1/2 meters of fabric left, he should probably get a garment or two. 

Which would be a first.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

first hoodie

After making these pants, there was just enough of the $3 men's sweatshirt left over to try a hoodie for Milo. Correction: there wasn't quite enough so I had to add in brown jersey left over from this romper. Suffice to say, I made Milo a hoodie. And it won't be the last.

I've been known to own up to 5 black hoodies at one time - they are just that versatile and comfortable (the "in action" shot of Milo makes me think he feels the same way). What I quickly learned about sewing one is that attaching a hood means less finishing of the neck. So putting one of these together takes pretty much the same amount of time as a shirt, but I have to say the result is way cuter. I do have to figure out the front neckline though. It's a bit bulky, but I've slept on the dilemma for a few nights and I think I know how to re-draw the pattern (though I have one more bulky version to share first). The wide band was an accidental design feature but I quite like it and it led to adding the front pocket which is open on both sides in case Milo ever figures out he can put his hands (or random small toy) in there.

Overall, another garment that is quick - and totally satisfying - to sew. And this was a fun photo shoot with Milo even if he couldn't sit still. The best shot doesn't even show the hoodie, but it's a definite keeper. What a funny little guy.

Friday, October 08, 2010

mime wear

My first attempt at using the t-shirt pattern from Wendy Mullin's Sew U Home Stretch was a failure, but finding this striped jersey was enough to inspire another try. The jersey came from Nature's Fabrics and it seemed perfect for the boatneck variation of the pattern. I made a few adjustments - the pattern called for the sleeves to be wide and there was zero waist shaping. In the end I kept the 3/4 length sleeves but made them more fitted and I took the sides in quite a bit high up in the waist to make the shirt more snug around the chest. So with a huge thanks to Wendy's book I now have a wearable shirt. I love it, even if Jay calls me a mime every time I wear it.

There's just something about the boatneck style - isn't is flattering on all body types? Am I making that up? I have a shirt from almost a decade ago, back when the fashion world thought revealing glimpses of your belly was a good idea. Being a beloved boatneck, I've held on to it thinking I would alter it someday. So today was the day. First, the before (note the ridiculous shortness of it) followed by a happy after thanks to some remaining striped jersey:

Thank goodness I can make my own knit shirts now because if fashion swings back to short lengths I am going to be way too old and conservative to show off my had-2-children-and-a-gallbladder-surgery bellybutton.

Two shirts, striped jersey completely gone. Now I just need to start working on my mime act.

(P.S. Check out the Built by Wendy collections - so many awesome designs!)

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

six on the sixth

Six years ago today I fell in love with a baby girl named Sadie.

Then a minute or two passed and suddenly she turned six. Six! We're in a bit of shock today, way more than when she turned five. I guess I should have seen this coming because turning 36 this year was similarly shocking (as the saying goes, I'm on the wrong side of 35). Being on the other side of five means I have a daughter who is in grade one, joined the cross country team at school and sings "feeling so fly like a G6" while she draws. It's crazy and beautiful all at the same time. Oh, and she lost her first tooth on Monday, just in time for picture day. See? Totally crazy.

All that being said, today's festivities were low-key, ending with six crimson, strawberry-topped cupcakes all for the birthday girl (luckily, she was in a sharing mood).  When I asked her what the best part of being six was, her answer was immediate: she's taller.

Goodness, how I love this girl.