Monday, September 19, 2005

brave Sadie, sad Mom

I officially work full-time now. Sadie has adjusted to life without me marvellously. . . but I'm another story entirely. Sure, a happy, curious close-to-one-year-old is exactly what I wished for, but my heart would feel a wee bit better if she lit up when I walk through the door after nine gruelling hours of seperation.

Sigh. I'm sure I'll get over it in time.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

woolly flock

A little flock of birds to add to my growing animal collection. Now that I'm back to work I need projects that can be done sitting in front of the TV or when Sadie is reading a book to herself (now whenever she holds a book she starts emitting gibberish - I love it!) There are still more bird bodies just waiting for spindly legs, but tonight I'm taking a break.

As a small reward for returning to work I purchased a piece from a local artist, Kristinna Lahde, who turned a simple bank envelope into a lacey, fabric-like treasure under glass. Here is a great review of a much older exhibition, but I love the dress shirt piece pictured, and the essay is well written. I haven't been inspired by a gallery show in a long, long time and I must say - it was tremendously refreshing.

Saturday, September 03, 2005

serger pangs

It took much less time to make these two buddies than to deal with my broken serger. After the denim slipcover project my serger QUIT (really, can I blame it?) So, off to a repairman. There are no pleasant words for the first *@!!# gentleman I took it to - after a sketchy hand-off, the situation got worse and worse and eventually I got my machine back put together so poorly that it would have cost me $250 just to put it back together properly! I had no choice but to get a new machine, right? At this very moment I have a new Kenmore 81595 serger in a box, at my feet, waiting to be played with. Worrying that my own lack of serger care caused the problem in the first place, my sewing machine is now getting a tune-up too. Better luck this time?