Friday, January 27, 2006

camera happy

The new camera is fantastic - I hadn't realized how much I missed the control you have with a 35mm. Finally I don't have to totally doctor my shots in Photoshop, they are good to go as is! For fun, I took a shot of one of my current knitting projects, a Louisa Harding lace scarf knit in Naturally Fur Merino, and the cover of a pattern book that I couldn't help but frame. Floating baby heads? It was just too great - and somewhat creepy - to file away. But of course I've been shooting a certain someone Sadie is included too.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

learning curve

So I'm taking some time to figure out more template tweaks. I've put a new header in just to see if I could figure it out - and now that I have, it's back to the drawing board for something more compelling. Also we just got a new camera that I need to figure out, a digital SLR, so hopefully my photos will improve too! I'm such a techhie all of a sudden.

I have been knitting non-stop though, and enjoying perusing knitting blogs. Here is about 1 percent of the places I'm visiting: buzzingbee, knitfix, angryknitter, elizaboothy and my all-time fave naive knitting. As far as projects go I've started a Louisa Harding scarf, tried out double pointed needles, and almost finished Sadie some legwarmers...oh, and I so want to make myself a pair of these knitted maryjane's. There's just not enough time in this working-full-time-with-a-toddler girl's life.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

slow to start

Finally I am getting to work again. There are a few knitting projects currently unfinished, but I feel like I have abandoned the Month of Softies for far too long. Above is a sneak peek at my "Fairy Tales" entry - what a great theme idea. So many possibilities, and only the time for one doll. I've also included a photo of my miniature work space; before Sadie arrived I had an entire room to myself and now I'm lucky to get this tiny corner of our bedroom. My sincere thanks go out to the Anonymous Baby residing over my table - thanks to his/her chubby goodness I have been able to make it work!

Monday, January 09, 2006

rumble tumble

Who wouldn't want a jolly game of Rumble Tumble in their life? Can you imagine a more wonderful gift? Great friends of ours - who totally understand what Jay and I dig - found this for us recently. I just love the illustrations and check out the doll in the little girl's arms! The game is completely intact and so simple to play. And speaking of these friends, they also spoiled us with a Camilla Engman calendar! Lucky for them, Camilla's "aqua in strawberry pants" came to live at their house and I am just dying to see and feel the little fella person.

I think next year I will vow to do all my Christmas shopping over the internet for only handmade goods. Anyone with me?

Sunday, January 01, 2006

knitting fever

Oddly enough, I have never knit myself anything. Jay, Sadie, friends' babies, countless stuffed creatures...they've all enjoyed the fruits of my needled labour. So when deciding what to do next and devouring the first season of Lost on DVD I started a hat and became addicted to finishing it. The pattern came from a Louisa Harding book of accesories, and the wool is black alpaca and an angora tweed from a long time ago. Perhaps next I'll knit a scarf in a total wave of selfishness? Then I absolutely promise myself to get back to other things, like little woolen creatures who desperately need their own knitted treats.