Saturday, November 21, 2009

x love

Another hobby? Oh, of course. I can hardly find the time for all the others I have, but you can always use just one more. And it involves a needle, so it's more like half of a new hobby.

I had so much fun with my art show samplers that it was simply a matter of time before I imagined other things to do with little xs (x's? exes? x-es?) This bird is my first step beyond text, though I'm still very fond of cross stitched words. Actually, I just finished a sampler for Ragdoll, but I don't think I'll be sharing it here...I'm even more shy about what this one says. Let's just say it follows the same theme I started in the spring. But back to cleaner subjects, like this bird. Instead of using up pages of graph paper I downloaded a demo version of MacStitch and I can see how this might change my world. Sadie loved it too - we drew birds, tigers and some freehand words and you can immediately preview how it will look on fabric. Perhaps it's cheating a bit, but wow, is it fun. And it saves time, so overall it's win-win. The only thing the software can't account for is the wonky weave I use (instead of Aida cloth or even-weave linen, I use raw silk because, well, raw silk is wonderfully soft and beautiful). But I think I'll still buy the software. The text feature is very cool and I'll soon grow tired of drawing out the pattern on graph paper before shutting down the laptop (the "save" and "print" functions are disabled in the demo version).

So cross stitch projects are now officially added to my very long to-do list. Perfect.

Monday, November 16, 2009


Another vest in the spirit of all things academic. I can't help myself - vests are just way too cute on baby boys. I wrote the pattern up, but I think I'll try a second version at a larger size before sharing it (Milo is I think I'll work with 12 months sizing next). I also want to slightly modify the neckline. I like the seed stitch border on the outer edge and I think repeating it on the inside (therefore making the center panel a bit wider) will just "neaten" the overall look. I can admit it - selvedges are just one of those things I care WAY too much about.

Anyone out there interested in this pattern? Is a 12 month size something you're looking for?

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

decision maker

I think the first comment I ever left on a blog was in response to something Lyn at Mollychicken wrote. Her daughter was five and no longer would wear dresses - or at least, dresses of Lyn's choosing. Sadie was only a few months old at the time and even though 5 years old seemed far away, I was surprised at how quickly Lyn's daughter was making her own decisions.

Sadie is now 5. And truthfully, she has been making fashion decisions for some time now, much to my entertainment (and I hope her teacher's). Most days it involves headbands with "stuff" attached, and there's a strong trend of layering different socks over leggings and shorts. Nothing ever matches and no matter how hard I try, I could never come up with the combinations she does. So when I got the Playdate Dress pattern from Oliver + S, I knew Sadie would have to choose the fabric or she would never wear it. And as we sifted through the options at FatQuarterShop, I was totally surprised at her choice. I was expecting her to choose something pink and girly, but she loved this holiday fabric and went for a real red-and-green theme. I didn't even get any say with the buttons. So in the end the dress is nothing like what I would have imagined, but it is utterly and absolutely Sadie (as is pairing the dress with grizzly bear tights).

Speaking of making decisions, Sadie also talked me into cutting her hair. I kept putting it off but she was determined. I shed a few tears when I did it - seriously - but it suits her. And as an added bonus, she looks younger now which helps me when I dwell on how fast this girl is growing up. Insert great big sigh here.