Friday, December 31, 2010

pink prototype

More sewing, more casual clothes. I must have been jealous of Milo's hoodies so I finally tried one for myself.   The body of the shirt was copied from my favourite t-shirt (purchased at Target years ago), adjusted to swing out a bit below the bust to keep "operation hide belly" intact. Boy, did I ever learn a lot from the "Knock it Off" class I took at The Workroom last year - all I do now is draft patterns from existing clothes. With this technique I can finally sew for Jay too. I've made him a perfect-fitting long sleeve shirt and then a pair of longjohns for Christmas, not to mention all the easy drafting from Milo and Sadie's clothes. Anyone interested in copying your favourite clothes, I highly recommend taking a class like that! If you're in Toronto it looks like February 13th is the next session at The Workroom.

But back to this pink shirt. I thought I would use this fabric for Sadie but she seems to like hot, dark pinks better. I wasn't convinced the shirt would work out, so I used the slubby pink as a true prototype version, knowing that at least the charcoal grey would make a nice contrast. Worse case - I could dye the shirt afterwards. But I've worn the shirt since the minute I finished it (okay, it's finally being washed now) so I don't think pink is a problem for me. It fits great, it's really comfortable and I love the hood (drafted from an American Apparel shirt). So the prototype worked and I'm itching to make another one. All I need is one long nap from Milo and my order to come in from this Etsy shop (her striped knit fabrics are amazing).

Oh, and here's the silliest part: my favourite detail of the whole shirt - and of this knitwear sewing in general - is the tiny polka dotted label. Sure, it's only for my benefit (or for Jay's because he would never get Milo's clothes on the right way otherwise) but it's cute and makes me love the inside construction just as much as the outside. Plus it's a perfect use for ribbon scraps!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

elf wear

Not only have I been meaning to re-take these photos (they're horrid!), but I have also been meaning to write this post for weeks. So a stomach flu and an entire Christmas bonanza later, I have finally found a moment on the computer. Oh right - there's also the part about our main computer kicking the bucket which means I have been sharing the laptop with Jay. Which means that he has the laptop. All. The. Time.

But enough whining from me. In anticipation of the Christmas season it would seem I went through an elf-inspired sewing binge. First, a pair of comfy pants for Milo made from the sleeves of a thrifted shirt. He's been wearing them a lot since he can carry the elf look quite well. And then for me, a cowl neck shirt made from red t-shirt jersey. To break up the red I opted for striped cuffs and waistband. This pattern is a slight revision of the boatneck pattern I've been using, but I could still refine the cowl neck a bit. Regardless, it's really comfortable and has become my constant around-the-house attire. This time of year (and certainly after a stomach flu) wearing black makes me feel about 20 years older, so the red has been a welcome change.

Like mother elf, like son elf.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

wee baby bolero

Ahh, the season of poor photography is back. This photo was taken close to the window that gets the most natural light but November would simply not cooperate.

I struggled with deciding what to knit for my cousin's new baby girl Evelynn. Perhaps I had hat fatigue, but as a knitter, that sounds outrageously blasphemous. Or perhaps it seemed the perfect opportunity to knit something girlie, and nothing says "little girl" more than ruffles, right? The wool is Classic Elite's Waterlily which has subtle and unpredictable variations in colour. It is very soft and very beautiful but hopefully it is baby-friendly too. The pattern is Stitchymama's Blossom Bolero - easy to follow and conveniently knit in one piece. With this weight wool, it is a fairly quick project.

As usual, now I have a six year old who is convinced that a big girl version is in order. Oh well, she'll just have to wait until her hat is finished.

Clearly my hat fatigue has passed.

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

scrappy hudson

Whoa, where did November go? Finally everyone is healthy in the house and I can put a business trip to Calgary behind me. Luckily I've still been able to find pockets of time to knit - and pockets are just how a Hudson Hat comes together.

It's a very simple pattern, but sometimes you just need to be reminded to use up scraps of wool. I had a good range of soft greens and blues which made a sweet stripe pattern that really suits Milo (not that it matters, but I've been choosing all the wrong, too-bright colours for him lately). The pompoms are a super cute touch and Sadie has already made a request for one of her own. They may be five years apart, but she loves the idea of having matching clothes with her little brother.

And now I also have a pile of grey and brown wool scraps set aside for a pattern idea I've been kicking around. Hopefully I can find a few more pockets of time during the holiday season to make that happen.