Sunday, December 26, 2010

elf wear

Not only have I been meaning to re-take these photos (they're horrid!), but I have also been meaning to write this post for weeks. So a stomach flu and an entire Christmas bonanza later, I have finally found a moment on the computer. Oh right - there's also the part about our main computer kicking the bucket which means I have been sharing the laptop with Jay. Which means that he has the laptop. All. The. Time.

But enough whining from me. In anticipation of the Christmas season it would seem I went through an elf-inspired sewing binge. First, a pair of comfy pants for Milo made from the sleeves of a thrifted shirt. He's been wearing them a lot since he can carry the elf look quite well. And then for me, a cowl neck shirt made from red t-shirt jersey. To break up the red I opted for striped cuffs and waistband. This pattern is a slight revision of the boatneck pattern I've been using, but I could still refine the cowl neck a bit. Regardless, it's really comfortable and has become my constant around-the-house attire. This time of year (and certainly after a stomach flu) wearing black makes me feel about 20 years older, so the red has been a welcome change.

Like mother elf, like son elf.


C.E.R. said... [Reply to comment]

Ooohhh...look SO comfy...the pants and the shirt. :)

iqra said... [Reply to comment]

nice post