Monday, April 27, 2009

a step behind

Ever feel slow to happen across a great blog, pattern company or fabric pattern?  Just this morning I was poking around Fat Quarter Shop and noticed these adorable patterns by Oliver + S.  How have I missed these?  I think I'll try the Playdate dress pattern for Sadie (she prefers dresses with sleeves), but one look at the Flickr group and I can see that this line might be addictive.  And the free lazy days skirt pattern should be a quick satisfying project once I finish work (4 more weeks to go!)  I'm pretty sure I've seen these sewn up by many crafters...I just never connected the dots.

Speaking of cute kids garments, here is an apron I picked up a little while ago - Sadie is quite fond of the elephants and I love that she can wear it for baking and painting.  Plus it matches her chair, so what else could we ask for?

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

are we there yet?

31 weeks and counting.  Life, it would seem, consists mainly of:

* daily, multiple comments from friends and strangers that I must be due any day now...even though I have 2 months to go
* my dad's ongoing theory that I am having twins but just don't know it yet
* spending the evenings sequestered on the second floor of our house because we are having new floors installed downstairs (which meant clearing out everything - who knew it would feel like we were moving?)
* magically breaking my camera lens in the process of getting my artwork photographed, which was a costly accident (note to self: a body this unbalanced is not to be trusted)
* never getting enough sleep because beds are simply not made for pregnant women
* consuming large amounts of sweet things, like Coke, chocolate raisins, ice cream, and more Coke (so yes, it's no wonder I've gained 30 pounds and people think I'm carrying the biggest baby ever...husband included)

Ahh, the third trimester.  Five years really has made me forgetful, but at least we've hit the home stretch (geez, does life also consist of baseball cliches? Guess so.)

Monday, April 06, 2009

birds of spring

Oh sure, the house is in chaos and I'm trying hard to incubate a new human properly, but there's actually one other goal I'm working towards: an art show.

As of May 8th, my work will be up at Le Gallery here in Toronto.  I'm excited and terrified all at the same time.  It's been years since I exhibited my "other" work, and there is a revealing nature to this collection that I have to be ready for.  Most of the text-based work is getting framed right now, but I have an installation piece to finish up, which means spending time each night hand sewing multiple linen birds.  Luckily, it suits my energy level these days and the growing flock is a comforting sight...even if what they spell out makes me blush.

Thank goodness Sadie doesn't read yet.