Tuesday, April 21, 2009

are we there yet?

31 weeks and counting.  Life, it would seem, consists mainly of:

* daily, multiple comments from friends and strangers that I must be due any day now...even though I have 2 months to go
* my dad's ongoing theory that I am having twins but just don't know it yet
* spending the evenings sequestered on the second floor of our house because we are having new floors installed downstairs (which meant clearing out everything - who knew it would feel like we were moving?)
* magically breaking my camera lens in the process of getting my artwork photographed, which was a costly accident (note to self: a body this unbalanced is not to be trusted)
* never getting enough sleep because beds are simply not made for pregnant women
* consuming large amounts of sweet things, like Coke, chocolate raisins, ice cream, and more Coke (so yes, it's no wonder I've gained 30 pounds and people think I'm carrying the biggest baby ever...husband included)

Ahh, the third trimester.  Five years really has made me forgetful, but at least we've hit the home stretch (geez, does life also consist of baseball cliches? Guess so.)


lamb-things said... [Reply to comment]

samantha, you look just beautiful

John Mutford said... [Reply to comment]

Another exciting chapter. I'm looking forward to reading about the new addition.

Francesca said... [Reply to comment]

I ran across you on ravelry. A friend and I have soo... admired you version of the short vest you made. Though you did add a few details on-line, we were wondering if we could get a few more specifics from you. We've been working on the pattern, but want it to be "just right" if possible!!

Obviously, though, you are busy. Actually, as I sit here, I am holding my 3 week old daughter with my two year daughter sitting beside me. I understand busy!!! (I hope things go well for you in the coming weeks!!! Having two just doubles all the joy!!)

Anyway, if you get the chance or inspiration, I am cescagal on ravelry. My e-mail and website are posted there!! Thanks!!!

Shakyside Sean said... [Reply to comment]

Sam - you're awesome! Keep up the great work. We are all thinking of you...love to the fambly.

petite gourmand said... [Reply to comment]

You look great!
Can't believe you are already at 31 weeks.
before you know it...

We are thinking of doing our floors too and I'm dreading having to move everything.
I so wish we had replaced them instead of refinishing them when we moved in 5 years ago.
It is like moving.
The floor boards are so squeaky-especially right in front of Lulu's room.
Drives us crazy.

Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

You must be fairly petite. I am 5'1", and I was all stomach when I was pregnant. At 7 months, I was also accused of being due "any day." I did revel in it with my first, but I was pretty tired of it with my second. I gained 60 lbs through it all! Thank goodness for nursing weight loss. Enjoy the little bundle when he/she arrives!