Saturday, May 26, 2007

big grrr

Sadie has informed me that she isn't a little grrr anymore, but a big grrr. And big grrrs like fairy wings, smoked salmon and capers. They also love to go on road trips to Chicago and stay in motels staying up late with Daddy to watch basketball. Every day with a big grrr brings a new word, new song, new catch phrase (today for instance, it's "I don't think so.") Big grrrs also love to garden with "glubs" on, and fight any polite request to come indoors. Big grrrs rock.

On an unrelated note, a colleague yesterday stated that folks who lean far to the left are often the ones who only have one child. Being 100% sure that I haven't decided where I stand on the second child decision, it was a curious thought. It was only an opinion of course, but still intriguing. All I do know for now is that I'm going to enjoy every little big grrr moment I can. This whole growing up thing happens way too fast.

Monday, May 07, 2007


Tulip will only garden with her apron on - she's fussy that way.
I have taken giant liberties with the Month of Softies theme. It's "Plant Life" but somehow I couldn't get bunnies out of my mind (thanks to a certain trampy bunny I know). To her credit, Tulip is all about flowers and even though she's pink, I believe she has a genuine green thumb.
These days I'd rather show the seams of my softies because I can get a little stuck in the finishing details and at this point it's simply about making. The less I worry about, the more fun I have. Oddly enough it's the clothing (if my last bunny's stockings count as clothing) that I'm taking the most care with. Phases will be phases I guess.
Note to self: I must get more of that polka dot ribbon.