Wednesday, January 14, 2015

hobbies for hibernation

In the deep freeze of winter, there is always knitting. 

Back in the summer I made my first Undersea Garden Cowl and I wear it constantly. Easily seduced by Quince and Co's website, I ordered more Tern to make myself another, convinced my colleagues at work might wonder why an obsessive knitter wears the same garment every day. But that's classic knitter's "justification"; I just wanted new yarn and a reason to keep knitting.

Tern is my favourite yarn right now and the Syrah colourway is as wonderful as Dusk. It's taking serious discipline to stop myself from ordering more colours, and I'm so inspired seeing Ashley using the yarn for a whole sweater. It shows off lace patterns beautifully and really brings the Undersea Garden Cowl to life. This time I blocked the cowl and not only can I see the lace better, but the yarn also softens considerably. Basically I can't say enough awesome things about it.

Sitting under a special skein of yarn from Camellia Fiber Company are the two books I finished up over the holidays. Mira Bartok's The Memory Palace was a compelling memoir of Bartok's experience with her mother, a woman who suffered from mental illness from a young age and spent many years homeless. Bartok purposefully disappeared from her mother's life and changed her name, an act that haunted her daily although it meant she could lead a life that allowed her time and creative energy. And for my Canadian Book Challenge I got through Tish Cohen's The Truth About Delilah Blue. I'd started it during last year's challenge but it didn't grab me then. But while waiting for an Amazon order to arrive I gave it another try and this time it stuck. I always struggle with stories set in Toronto, as if the familiar mentions diminish the magic I'm hoping for when I read. Luckily the story shifted from Toronto to LA, and that made all the difference. It was entertaining with a hint of college art student life and family drama, but most of all I'm glad I finished it. Half-read novels make me anxious.

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