Saturday, June 24, 2006

london bound

Well, that sure was a big break from posting. There has been so much going on that actually creating things has taken a permanent backseat for far too long. But I have a deadline for Plush You II coming up so tonight I hope to finish a little knitted dress for a new animal friend. Fingers crossed, of course.

The piece above is one of Jay's newest, and it is currently on display in London, UK. The show info is at this link, and there are also details there about his artist's talk. Getting ready for this show has been one of the many things going on around here. While I was on maternity I completely forgot how swamped my summers always are at work; I go to bed thinking of work and wake up with a new to-do-list. We have a vacation planned in August that we're really looking forward to - everyone in this house needs a break. And some rest.

On the weaning front, it is all done. I am sad to even type it which might also put into perspective where my head has been this past month. I wish I could have let Sadie lead the way, but life happens and some things couldn't budge. She took to it quite well, but there is truth in what everyone told me: it's harder on the mother. Cheers to that one. And for a mom who swallows guilt daily for being the one going to work and leaving her little girl, it was one of the things that I knew she really needed me for. Of course, this is a new stage and she is just as content when I play with her hair or dance with her or read her stories, but nothing will ever compare to that wonderful first bond. I'm almost through the mourning of it, but wow, it's a biggie.

Friday, June 02, 2006

tax evasion

It's a pretty sad fact that I haven't yet done our taxes, and here it is, the beginning of June. I don't absolutely detest the task, but really there are so many other exciting things to do with my small amount of free time that I just keep putting it off. This weekend is it though ... except for the gardening I'd like to get to.

Our backyard was a gravel pit when we moved here - honestly - and over the years we have rescued it from it's ant-ridden fate by building a deck and taking a stab at gardening. My father is an expert in the garden so I'm fully aware that my attempts are crude and haphazard, but that hasn't spoiled the fun for even a second. Last year I put zinnias at the foot of the deck for some colour (that was Dad's suggestion of course) though this year I think I'll try something different. Dahlias? Poppies? Wildflowers?

And on the emotional rollercoaster known as weaning, we're down to one feed a day right now. I've been teetering hormonally the whole time but I realize that it will be a great evolution in my relationship with Sadie, and I'm so impressed with her flexibility. Really, my little girl is such a trooper - she adjusts to anything. Now if only she could convince her mother to do the taxes...