Sunday, October 22, 2006

it's all about colour

Every time I choose variegated wool I'm not thrilled with the result. Wait - correction - I did like Sadie's Swing Thing. So one time I have been thrilled, all other times a touch disappointed. So why did I get more? Well, yesterday I knew there was going to be time to knit in the car and during family visiting so I decided I needed to start a hat for myself now that the cold weather is here. I told myself that since my scarves are all solid colours I should be more adventurous with the hat. Using my happiness with Koigu as a guide, I went to the Knit Cafe hoping to find something with lavender in it. But look what I chose...did I go crazy? Oh sure, there's lavender in there, and about 600 other colours. Plus this isn't the Koigu that I used for Jay's scarf. So much for plans.

At least the trees know about beautiful colour.

So do these fantastic knitters: Coloursknits, Fig and Plum, Grumperina, Moth Heaven, Kate Gilbert and Yarnstorm. Sigh.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

i heart red

This past week has been so relaxing. I took time off work but kept Sadie in daycare - which meant it was all ME time. I haven't had that since Sadie was born and even though I may have felt a tiny smidgen of guilt it was oh-so-wonderful. I went to a matinee, got a massage, found a great new store, bought wool, lunched on my was heaven. I also watched the entire first season of Grey's Anatomy - how much of a guilty pleasure is that?

Of course this seems to have nothing to do with red. Here's my red story: I am always drawn to red, every hue from blood to cherry catches my wandering eye. I used to paint my rooms red too, but Jay has put an end to that (we're now an all-beige household). I love what red can do to a space, physically and mentally. I especially love what red can do to my feet - I have been looking for a pair of red shoes to replace red mary jane's that I wore out and I finally got lucky. I dress fairly plain, so wearing red shoes is such a treat. The boots above are my holiday find; the make is Pikolinos and I love the black line that crosses over. Sadie wanted to model her almost-red shoes too when I tried to take the photo, and the polka dotted thing is a wee suitcase I found at a great kids store called Polka Dot Kids. And still on the subject of red, I also noticed that our unattended clematis has red berries right now which I have never noticed. They seem so out of place in our messy backyard, like a transplanted set of perfect marbles. And for the last photo, even though we exist in beige there are bits of red everywhere, from honey jars on top of the fridge to any cushion surface I can cover (he's never been against red fabric...just paint).

There's nothing like the perfect vacation. I'm so relaxed I don't even mind the thought of going back to work. And hey, it's a chance to wear my new red shoes.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

pigeon play

I kept telling myself to finish the feet before I posted photos, but it's just taking me too long. I have tried a number of wrapping and fabric options, all failures. I think paint is my next choice and I'll try it out this weekend. But enough of the apologies - here is the start of something new. In conjunction with the cross stitch I'm doing I want to create pigeons that will carry stitched messages (you can see another pigeon body hanging out in the background). I'm keeping the materials and approach simple, which allows the handstitching to stand out. I've also included the drawings that sit above these fellows, inspiring me to keep going. Perhaps this all doesn't look like much, but it's proving exhilirating to me. I've always loved showing the seams and the proof of process, but for a long time I have made very clean, tailored dolls. All this mess is making me feel free again, reminding me that there are no rules when you feel compelled to create. An idea can take shape in whatever form you choose.

This new direction reminded me to visit a past inspiration, Annette Messager. Her choice of imagery and materials combined with her dark approach to assembling installalations has always intrigued me. Check out these works in particular: My Vows, The Boarders, and The Pikes.