Thursday, October 05, 2006

pigeon play

I kept telling myself to finish the feet before I posted photos, but it's just taking me too long. I have tried a number of wrapping and fabric options, all failures. I think paint is my next choice and I'll try it out this weekend. But enough of the apologies - here is the start of something new. In conjunction with the cross stitch I'm doing I want to create pigeons that will carry stitched messages (you can see another pigeon body hanging out in the background). I'm keeping the materials and approach simple, which allows the handstitching to stand out. I've also included the drawings that sit above these fellows, inspiring me to keep going. Perhaps this all doesn't look like much, but it's proving exhilirating to me. I've always loved showing the seams and the proof of process, but for a long time I have made very clean, tailored dolls. All this mess is making me feel free again, reminding me that there are no rules when you feel compelled to create. An idea can take shape in whatever form you choose.

This new direction reminded me to visit a past inspiration, Annette Messager. Her choice of imagery and materials combined with her dark approach to assembling installalations has always intrigued me. Check out these works in particular: My Vows, The Boarders, and The Pikes.


Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

big fan of messager here too. your pigeons are wonderful!

lamb-things said... [Reply to comment]

Nice work Samantha, I love the feet.