Friday, March 31, 2006

corner collection 2

Ahh, my nightly retreat. Sometime around 10pm this is the seat I sink into, hoping to knit or maybe catch up on The Daily Show. The basket lamp might not count as task lighting but if I sit just so there is enough light to illuminate my little projects.

No new dolls are in the making, so I think I better start using my day job as the excuse. It's an awesome job, but also pretty demanding. By the time 10pm rolls around, this seat is all I can think about as I put my brain to rest.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

march break

It may not be a vacation, but March has certainly been a break from "making". Jay's show is up and the opening over, so life can return to normal now. Sadie's Swing Thing is getting there - slowly - but here is a picture in progress. I've started a sleeve and the Noro is working up quite differently; it's less stripey but still a great combination of colour. And the best surprise of the month is this great Camilla Engman softie called Kola. Friends of ours got her for us as a good luck charm (we're so spoiled!) and the whole family is smitten with her. Sadie danced a jig and Jay moved around old collections to give her a prime spot on the mantle. I think she'll bring me some charm for sure - time to get back to creating!

Monday, March 13, 2006

corner collection

We have a small, small house. When I took this picture I was only 4 feet from the other exterior wall, actually we could lay Jay down twice and make it from one side to the other. We don't even have many corners, but somehow a photo like this makes your space seem bigger. I've had great fun poking around the Flickr group "Corners of My Home" and I especially enjoy Tracy's submissions. I'm not ready for the Self Portrait challenge, but I could use a good reason for tidying up the corners of our tiny home. This is across from the computer and all of Sadie's books are on the bottom shelf. She likes to sit tucked in behind the chair reading to herself. And these shelves - built by the industrious Jay - hold a number of our collections. We are confirmed pack rats and a small house keeps us in theory.

Thursday, March 09, 2006


I wanted to call this entry "stomach explosion" but it would have tainted the image above for all the wrong reasons. So before the recovery story, here is the invite to Jay's show which opens Wednesday at The opening reception is Friday, March 17th for anyone in Toronto, and Jay will be exhibiting new Gum Blondes that haven't even made it to his website yet. I guess they're hot off the . . . jaws?

As for the recovery story, all my knitting and making came to a grinding halt as a nasty stomach flu took over our house (never good before an art show, but it'll work out.) Jay and I were totally struck down, the details - far too disgusting to share. Thank goodness my Mom came to our rescue! She stayed with us, took care of Sadie and even slept on our couch to give us the help we so desperately needed. She was the ultimate MOM, and I feel incredibly lucky that she was so quick to help. Thanks Mom - you're the best!