Monday, March 13, 2006

corner collection

We have a small, small house. When I took this picture I was only 4 feet from the other exterior wall, actually we could lay Jay down twice and make it from one side to the other. We don't even have many corners, but somehow a photo like this makes your space seem bigger. I've had great fun poking around the Flickr group "Corners of My Home" and I especially enjoy Tracy's submissions. I'm not ready for the Self Portrait challenge, but I could use a good reason for tidying up the corners of our tiny home. This is across from the computer and all of Sadie's books are on the bottom shelf. She likes to sit tucked in behind the chair reading to herself. And these shelves - built by the industrious Jay - hold a number of our collections. We are confirmed pack rats and a small house keeps us in theory.


elizabooth said... [Reply to comment]

Oh, the thought of little Sadie tucked in that corner reading away. I love that she reads to herself like that. What a little beauty.

Spindle said... [Reply to comment]

That corner looks so inviting! I'd need a cup of hot chocolate, though. So sweet.

Mira said... [Reply to comment]

I'm sorry I messed it up yesterday. You just have so many good books to read.

Tracy said... [Reply to comment]

Great corner.

When I lived in Toronto I found a wonderful antique shop where the basement was filled with alarm clocks that didn't work. I bought so many of them for no other reason than I liked the way they looked. (Ahhh form over function - my downfall!) They are somewhere in a box now. Yours are lovely too! Thanks for reminding me...! (and thanks for the compliment too!)

lamb-things said... [Reply to comment]

I love your corner samantha. I've seen sadie reading her books and she's so careful with them. It looks very warm & cosy.

~vicki said... [Reply to comment]

oh i love cozy reading corners like this. it's perfect!