Thursday, April 13, 2006

big eyed lady

Sadie hasn't made an appearance here lately, though it's not for lack of great things happening in her world. She's very found of saying hello (said as "halloo") and bye right now, plus she sings along with us in her own tune and space language which makes for many hidden giggles between me and Jay. A-year-and-a-half is a pretty cool age, but really what age hasn't been?

Friday, April 07, 2006

paper houses

Ahh, a long week done. I spent many late night hours this week building small paper houses, which was way more difficult than I imagined. It was great to play with paper again.

Sadie's "Swing Thing" is finished, but unfortunately it's HUGE. The sleeves are terribly long on her; overall it ended up more in the 3-4 year size (oops, but at least it wasn't too small right?) As for knitting, I came across a shawl/cardigan yesterday on a lunchtime shopping trip that is a linen/cotton blend and is based on the basic style of this design (though what I found was lacier and quite pretty). My only question - is this style too old? Will I feel like a grandma wrapping myself in it? Because I gotta say, it feels oh so cozy...