Thursday, October 28, 2010

hoodie part 2

Another $3 sweater, another track suit for Milo. This hoodie was my second try before realizing that I should adjust the neck to decrease bulk - but now that he's worn it a few times it doesn't seem to make a difference once it's on. I may be being too picky, so we'll see if the whole re-drafting thing actually happens. What I do need to pay attention to is Milo's growing body. The pants had to be re-done with a panel up the center and a band around the waist because they were WAY too tight on him the first time around. I liked the fleece so much it seemed worth getting them right and now I have no scraps left to speak of. Truthfully the hoodie could have been a bit longer too - it sticks to Milo's generous belly and would show some skin if I didn't put a onesie underneath.

Lesson learned. Here's some other boy clothes for sewing inspiration: great vest (and wallpaper!), more 90-Minute goodness complete with elephant, be-tassled hoodie, awesome chambray shirt, and a one-piece jumpsuit. Hmm, I think I've already forgotten about fixing my hoodie pattern so I can move on to that one-piece jumpsuit thing. A toddler would love it, right?