Friday, October 22, 2010

lucky day

Fabricland is not known for having good knit fabrics. But every so often, on a very random day, they have a bin of ends that are just perfect.

I was debating ordering from this Etsy shop (I mean, white stripes on black? red and white stripes? sailor navy? awesome!) but these knit ends were very soft and only $3 a meter. Which means I spent way less money and lugged a whopping 17 meters of the yummy stuff back to the office after my lucky lunchtime errand. And look at those colours! Red and white stripes too! Oh yes, I am a fabric geek. A fabric geek who's having a hard time not going back for more.

Everything is washed and my head is swimming with garment ideas. After having trouble with the neckline of another boatneck (using the coral red) I switched gears and made Milo a ringer shirt. It's handy to have a no-fail project to help keep momentum - plus, now that I see these two colours together, I think I should make a similar shirt for Jay. With 16 1/2 meters of fabric left, he should probably get a garment or two. 

Which would be a first.