Wednesday, June 17, 2009

stitches in time

It's funny. When I was pulling together my work, I felt that these little samplers were my indulgence - something that only I liked. I thought I was somehow "sneaking" them into the gallery show. But the beauty of sharing your work with the outside world is that you are reminded that what intrigues you the most is generally what resonates with others. And this small reminder keeps me going, and makes me feel that getting my ideas out onto physical surfaces is neither fruitless, nor meant for me alone.

Of course, there is a wealth of work out there that is exploring similar themes and materials, and I am inspired by it all. Here are two Flickr groups devoted to "subversive" needlework: Phat Quarter and Subversive Cross-Stitch (the latter being started for people to show their completed SCS kit work, but now it includes work that is original). A particular favourite of mine is this quote sampler, taken from Parker Posey's character in "Waiting for Guffman" (would Jay ever love to have that on our wall) and though it's not a sampler, this piece is wonderful. And thanks to this great new blog discovery (and check out her entire blog, you won't be disappointed!), I've been introduced to Joetta Maue and her fantastic fibre work.

So much inspiration out there, and never enough time in the day. I think I just might go pick up a needle and thread - late pregnancy carpal tunnel syndrome be damned!


Alina Hensley said... [Reply to comment]

Sam Lamb! I was so thrilled to see that you visited my blog- I truly hope Ro DOES become a sewer for life, thank you. =D

These cross stitches. They make me blush. Yes. I love them.