Saturday, June 20, 2009


In my efforts to stay busy - and distracted - I decided to make a curtain for our closet.  The biggest bedroom in our house was a joint studio until 2 months ago, and we've never got around to sanding and repainting the closet door in there.  But staring at a messy closet makes my head hurt, so I figured why not tackle this now?

Natural linen would have been my first choice, but I didn't have a big enough piece and I'm in a use-what-you-have phase right now (and should be for my whole mat leave).  I did have dark red dupioni silk that was big enough, but the look was way too boudoir.  So, I started randomly piecing together fabrics I liked.  It's a bit cutesy, but all the colours are right for the room and even Jay doesn't mind it.  Plus it covers up the mess behind it and makes me feel more relaxed.  I'll be spending a lot of time in the rocking chair right next to it, so the fabrics will make me happy.  Patchwork rarely goes wrong.

And the following photo is the other side of our closet, just above the makeshift change table we set up (a wooden desk filled with baby things).  I hadn't really noticed the contrast of lamb mobile to pin-up girl, but now it makes me laugh.  Figures we wouldn't notice, it took us long enough to move her from the kitchen to a more private space (Sadie used to say it was a picture of me).  Though privacy is soon going to be relative - we're sharing our bedroom with the new baby for as long as we can handle it so that we hold on to studio space. A small house always means reconsidering function.  Luckily, we enjoy all the experiments...just not painting closet doors.

Oh, and luckily babies don't read either.  We hung my little samplers above the bed.  I like seeing them together and it just seemed like the appropriate spot, if you ignore the whole baby component.  This is definitely a room I can spend a lot of time in, a phase which should be starting any day now.


Elizabeth said... [Reply to comment]

My mother-in-law has a nude portrait of herself (taken when she was about 40, I think) in her bedroom, next to one of her husband bare-chested. Ruby loves them and proudly tells whoever will listen about her naked Nana. So, once you have kids, pin-up girls and dirty cross-stitch suddenly take on a new innocence, I think. Which is not a bad thing at all.

Good luck. I've been thinking about you a lot lately. Can hardly wait to see if Jay will indeed spend the rest of his days surrounded by women, or if he'll get a sweet little male partner in crime.

C.E.R. said... [Reply to comment]

LOVE the patchwork! Can't wait to "meet" your new addition.

lamb-things said... [Reply to comment]

You know I love the squares, Samantha......especially the colours. A good idea for the closet.

Okay, now go have that wee baby.

Luv, mum

ohthecuteness said... [Reply to comment]

I absolutely love your naughty cross stitch, and I wouldn`t worry about the pinup girl, it`s all art and like you said, babies can`t read. I also adore the curtain, the color combos are lovely.

Rima said... [Reply to comment]

Very lovely room re-arrangements! And of course, super cute baby.