Sunday, June 07, 2009

finishing up

A knitting project finally done. This has been hanging around since February but my pregnant self has rarely been in a knitting mood. Last week I became determined to complete it and I ignored the carpal tunnel syndrome in my right hand to do just that (I had the same problem/symptom with my last pregnancy, so at least I feel reassured it will go away as soon as the baby is born). And after all the time and small amount of agony, this is a pretty cute sweater. Even Sadie likes it.

I meant to use Wendy Bernard's Drive-Thru pattern, but I got lazy and did yet another bottom-up raglan style. I like being able to control sizing as I go, and it doesn't take any referencing of notes or checking back over mistakes. This translates to: baby brain can handle it. The wool was lovely and soft, and as much as I don't really like variegated wools, this is perfect for a 4 year old who thinks pink and purple rock. I crocheted around the neck and front edges, made two button loops for some very purple buttons, and left the bottom hem and cuffs to roll as much as they wanted to. I think this will get plenty of wear and I'm happy to get it out of my knitting bag.

And as these things go, now my knitting mood is back. What have I cast on? Oh, another raglan cardigan for a 6 month old. But I'm really shaking it up this time - I'm working top-down and adding a garter collar. A girl with baby brain really knows how to make life exciting, huh?


AnnaVallance said... [Reply to comment]

That is such a sweet little sweater on a sweet little girl. Love the buttons.