Friday, May 29, 2009

plain equals perfect

Sewing tiny newborn clothes is totally fun - and somehow way more compelling than sewing doll clothes (Sadie has asked me to, but I just can't get excited about it).  I couldn't really find any patterns online, so yesterday I sat down and started drafting my own.  I think the little shirt worked out particularly well and I'm crossing my fingers it will fit the baby.

When Sadie was a newborn I dreaded putting clothes over her head so I made the front of this shirt open with snap tape.  I thought it might make it look makeshift, but I actually like the twill tape showing through (and it makes a nice clean edge with little work).  Due to the tiny size, I had to hand sew the cuffs and neck binding, but it really didn't take long and the stitches have such a delicate look.  The pants are pretty plain with an elastic waist and a pinch pleat on the outside edge of the cuff.  The bottom hems of both the shirt and pants are serged and the only decoration on the shirt is a tiny pearl bunny button I picked up in Paris.  My main objection to most baby clothes you can buy is all the embellishments and overdone patterns - so it was nice to have some taupe knit in my fabric stash that I could use.  And under the clothes is a finished baby sling I made on Wednesday using this great photo tutorial.  I had to piece the linen fabric together, but at least I used up what I had - which is one of my goals this mat leave.

Today I'm attempting a romper which is much trickier, but if my prototype works out I'm going to use an old t-shirt of Jay's to make another from.  I was inspired by this romper tutorial and Jay loves the idea of recycling his t-shirts.  With all these pattern pieces piling up, I'm wondering if they are worth sharing?  I know the newborn stage is fleeting, but they sure are fun to make. 

That could just be the full-term pregnant lady talking though.


Emily said... [Reply to comment]

Patterns are always worth sharing. I should have made more newborn things, now I've got a hulking 1 year old. They require more materials.

lamb-things said... [Reply to comment]

This little outfit is just adorable, great pattern.