Monday, January 09, 2006

rumble tumble

Who wouldn't want a jolly game of Rumble Tumble in their life? Can you imagine a more wonderful gift? Great friends of ours - who totally understand what Jay and I dig - found this for us recently. I just love the illustrations and check out the doll in the little girl's arms! The game is completely intact and so simple to play. And speaking of these friends, they also spoiled us with a Camilla Engman calendar! Lucky for them, Camilla's "aqua in strawberry pants" came to live at their house and I am just dying to see and feel the little fella person.

I think next year I will vow to do all my Christmas shopping over the internet for only handmade goods. Anyone with me?


twobears said... [Reply to comment]

Jolly good idea...isn't that a great word?

Marla said... [Reply to comment]

Tempting, you'll have to make lots of stuff for me to buy though...