Friday, October 07, 2005

long lost legs

Sadie is officially one year old. Last night at 11:55 I remembered back to one year ago, meeting my little sweetheart in her first moments of life. Tomorrow the grandparents are coming over for a birthday celebration and I'm sure there will be a cake-all-over-the-baby photo to show, but for now I'm posting one of my favourite Sadie sights. Unfortunately these legs are disappearing as she cruises around furniture for hours at a time, but they were an absolute hallmark of her first year. They solicited many comments and squeezes from strangers and were the inspiration for our family diaper change jingle:

Teeny, tiny feet
And itsy, bitsy knees,
And big, big, big, big thighs.


mummynat said... [Reply to comment]

Bless, brings back such memories, my first (6 in 3 weeks. arrgghh) had rolls upon rolls, her arms looked the same. She is a skinny ribs now tho!!