Wednesday, May 12, 2010

day two

Day Two of the challenge and I managed more clothes for Milo. I'm a lazy mom and don't mind my babies wearing only onesies in the hot summer, but it's probably more acceptable when the legs look a bit more like shorts. So with that in mind I made the 90-Minute-Shirt into a onesie with longer legs and room for snap tape (I just don't trust my application of real snaps, especially on knit fabric). I used a men's golf shirt (these shorts were from the same shirt) and the green edging is from an old t-shirt of mine. The result is an outfit that's more 1920's era bathing suit than shorts but I love it on Milo...that is, when I managed to wrestle him into trying it on (getting him dressed is a real sport, hence the lack of modeling shots). And I got one more pair of shorts made out of the sleeves from the t-shirt I made this shirt from - now I don't have a single swatch of that fabric left. They are a bit too short in the rise, but are nice and snug so they totally stay on. I bet Jay will put these on Milo any chance he gets, probably with the matching shirt.

Day Three is more focused on Sadie and girlie things. Be back tomorrow!


Rhiannon said... [Reply to comment]

I really must try out the 90 min shirt- I looked at it and it seemed too hard for me. Perhaps I just need to get past the idea that envelope necks are too fiddly.
Thanks for the inspiration!

Andrea @ said... [Reply to comment]

The onesie turned out so cute!

abcgirl said... [Reply to comment]

so, did you just use a plain (non-ribbed) t-shirt knit for the binding on this one? how did that work out? I know that the 90-minute shirt suggests rib knit (and that's what i've been using) but i kinda like the smoothness of your binding... any tips?

sam lamb said... [Reply to comment]


Hi abcgirl,

The t-shirt I used was a very tiny ribbed jersey, and it worked out totally fine. I'm not a huge fan of the standard ribbing you get at local fabric shops, and so far I've had no trouble using it instead. As long as the t-shirt you cut up has stretch (which most jersey will) it will work. I stock up at second hand stores for solid colour t-shirts and it costs way less than buying ribbing. I make cuffs, neckbands and even waistbands this way.

Good luck!