Sunday, August 03, 2008

vacation days

Oh, what a vacation.

For the past two weeks we stayed at a fairly secluded cottage in Prince Edward County. We had grass to play on, frisbees to throw, books to read and fantastic views to enjoy. Now I'm wading through piles of laundry and tackling an explosion of weeds in the yard, hoping to ease back into real life. Thank goodness for the extra day off tomorrow because I can already feel the back-to-work anxiety creeping in. But I have lots of posting to catch up on, from knitting to reading to thrifting. Cottage vacations are perfect for all these hobbies, not to mention just general relaxing. Throw in a marathon viewing of Veronica Mars, almost-daily blueberry picking and a trip to a lavender farm and that just about covers our vacation story.

Like I said, oh, what a vacation.


scarbie doll said... [Reply to comment]

1) Sadie is divaliciously awesome in that pic

2) Love the hat

3) Please email me the place where you stayed because it looks spectacular.

4) When are you coming for a visit?

lamb-things said... [Reply to comment]

Samantha, great photos and I love Sadie's top.