Monday, August 11, 2008

thriftin' in kingston

Unless we want Sadie to own the worst collection of teddy bears ever, our thrifting days with her are numbered. In fact, she may not even like the whole thrifting hobby her parents have, but this summer the stangers-keep-giving-me-teddy-bears-for-just-being-cute habit kept her sufficiently interested.

Over vacation we learned once and for all we're really not beach people (Sadie included). What we do have a strong love for is exploring every junk shop/thrift store/antique stop we stumble upon. I may even proclaim it's the whole reason Jay likes travelling by car, anywhere. Our two weeks in eastern Ontario were thrift-prolific, and the photos above are just a few of the fun things I found.

Even during university Jay and I seperately enjoyed the Sunday antique market in Kingston, and every time we get a chance to visit we find a gem. This time it was the $18 table and chair set for Sadie. Each piece folds (great for packing up into the car) and it was made in Belleville which feels nice and authentic. Sadie loves it, though the GIGANTIC smile she has in the photo may have more to do with the little sequin purse her Gramma found for her. At the market I also found what I consider to be "the perfect bowl". Stamped "Pigeon Forge Pottery, Tennessee" it is a cool oatmeal colour, glazed inside but matte on the outside. And the shape is oh-so-pleasing. Some may say plain, I say perfect.

I also had luck with books and patterns. Does anyone else think the photos in old Beehive pattern books are a day's worth of entertainment? I may not have the courage to try the patterns though, the small type and older references are daunting but the women's cardigan on the cover is pretty cute. It reminds me of the Garnstudio cardigan people have been making, which is on my knitting wish list. And although it doesn't look like much, the small white book, sold to me for a whopping $3, is ominously called "The Wedded Life". It was written by a Philidelphia Reverend in 1886 and its' three chapters are called Marriage, The Husband's Part and The Wife's Part. Even better is that the front page is filled in by hand as a certificate of marriage, dated April 5th, 1898 and signed by witnesses. The book is also full of little newspaper clippings, the very last one being the obituary of the husband listed on page 1. It blows me away, and the language describing This is probably hands-down my favourite find.

See? We're addicted. I couldn't even pass up another wool blanket (I mean it's aqua, how can I resist?) though I'm dragging my feet making wool softies these days. But as an aside, I've almost talked myself into making another run of Bundlies circa 2008, and aqua would be a great colour to work with. So anyway, that's the story of a hopeless thrifter. Thank goodness I married another hopeless thrifter. We just need a way bigger house.

To store all the awful teddy bears, of course.


Elizabeth said... [Reply to comment]

Ha ha. We have so many gross old teddy bears (most of which were owned by now deceased old ladies whose families are holding estate sales) because people give them to Ruby, knowing that they're not going to sell. The worst was when we went to the estate sale of a woman who spent the last 30 years of her life ordering hundreds of bad dolls off of the Home Shopping network. Yikes.

Tracy said... [Reply to comment]

oh how i miss kingston. (mac 1995) good hunting! xo

Deborah Guthrie said... [Reply to comment]

Oh Sam, How I remember the Kingston Market. I paid a fortune to move much more stuff than anyone needs to Kanata and I can't resist thrift shopping either. I love it. Always have. Rick and I were big thrift shoppers and Steve and I are as bad. When Rick and I separated we basically had a house ful each of a normal person's stuff. I only have a small house here and I am in the midst of journaling myself into getting rid of something so we can what? Buy more stuff perhaps? I actually hope to create more work space for myself. Glad to read your blog. I haven't e-mailed recently as I find time a premium as we have busy weekends with my aging parents. All good, just busy. Cheers to you and Jay, Debbie Guthrie

Kristin said... [Reply to comment]

what lovely goodies you found! I always love a good day out thrifting or antiquing!! :)

Reclaiming The Home

petite gourmand said... [Reply to comment]

That table is such a score!
I'm jealous.
I'm really looking forward to Aberfoyle and some other antique fairs this fall.
and that bowl is perfectly simple.
love it.

petite gourmand said... [Reply to comment]

Oh do you ever go to Hawk Eye on Roncesvalles?
great store- which I think you would love.

lamb-things said... [Reply to comment]

Who is that little girl sitting on the chair, I don't know her?? She looks almost grown up, clutching her sparklie purse. Love that you put all your great buys in the photos.....makes me want to got antiquing...