Wednesday, August 20, 2008

push pins be gone

Most days involve working, making dinner as soon as I get home around 7pm followed by getting Sadie to bed. At 10pm I get back downstairs with only enough energy to sit and knit in front of one Veronica Mars episode (which we're almost done...what am I going to do?). Considering all this, I'm still a little shocked that I finished this blind. But make no mistake, I had to make a deal with Jay to get a few hours alone on a precious Saturday afternoon to work the miracle. I'm not crazy about dipping into quality Sadie time, but the push pin look had really worn out its' welcome.

Otherwise there's not too much to say about this hard-to-photograph blind: Shinzi Katoh fabric which I still really love, a simple roman blind style, and finally the breakthrough to use white lining to keep the blind as bright as possible (using regular muslin was truly a stumbling block for me). Finally, one check mark on the bloated to-do list.

One small secret though...after all the painting efforts of last year, I'm about 99% certain that I have to repaint the kitchen. The grey feels too dark, and I miss the ivory walls. To-do list, you get bigger every day.


Maluhia said... [Reply to comment]

wow! great job! I have 5 windows like this in my kitchen that I've been thinking of redoing. You certainly have inspired me. Was this type of curtain hard to do?

lamb-things said... [Reply to comment]

I love the blind, nice & bright.

lily-kaninchen said... [Reply to comment]

Pretty nice fabric, i love it! :)

Ahh, it`s always the same with those to-do-lists... the more we`re doing the longer the list gets. ;) Blah!