Monday, July 14, 2008

wee distractions

You know that moment when you've been knitting, wreaking havoc trying to sew clothes, and looking at a to-do list of sewing for the house? It's precisely the moment when you say to yourself, "wow, I really feel like doing a bit of embroidery". I had that moment on Saturday and suddenly two wool cat rattles appeared.

Truthfully, I do have baby gifts on my to-do list which usually means knitting up a hat. But I've had my eye on this hand dyed embroidery floss I found in Paris and I think part of me has been missing using wool. And making wool softies. Definitely this shape is an easy step back in, but I thought the ears turned out particularly cute and that in itself might push me to fashion arms and legs next time. Though in the world of rattles, if adults could have them, one of these would be my choice. I keep picking up the ivory one and just holding it in my hand. Really, I like the size of it better...and it's mouth line and the fact that there isn't a grosgrain ribbon loop hanging out its' side (that's not my best idea and it leaves the poor peach kitty in gift-giving limbo). Oh, and there are little bells safely tucked inside both, completing the whole rattle picture.

Now I really must get to that home sewing. Shinzi Katoh fabric push-pinned into window moulding and held open with clothes pegs just isn't the look we're going for around here. Five months is kind of the limit.


Tam said... [Reply to comment]

Oh my whole life is a list - (although quite often I am flickring and blogging which is never on my list) hence why we still have no curtains up since the start of the year (my list said to have this done by April!)

Fiona said... [Reply to comment]

Those cat rattles are simple but perfect. I love the spotty pink case, too. Well done.

petite gourmand said... [Reply to comment]

so adorable!!

I have the same little lunch box in lulu's room btw.

Kristin said... [Reply to comment]

Oh swoon! SWOON SWOON!!!

Kristin :)
~Reclaiming The Home