Sunday, March 07, 2010

sleepless, but sunny

So far, March has been a beautiful month. The sun shines every day and the temperatures are almost spring-like. When the sun streams into the back window I don't want to leave the kitchen for even a second because it fills the room with warmth and light for only a short time before being hidden behind other rooftops. Which means it is just the right amount of time to wind a ball of yarn.

Perhaps the film canister trick is widely known, but it's one of those things I learned in my very first knitting class that I think is so smart (or maybe I just really needed a new use for the old canisters I had sitting around, because I certainly don't buy film anymore, sigh). Not so widely known would be my technique of using the backs of two kitchen chairs to hold the skein while I wind (and I often choose to stand on one, making pulling the yarn much easier). I've had yarn wound at shops on occasion, and each time as soon as I get home I remember that: 1) they never stay together as well as when I wind them myself because the tension inside seems too tight when fancy gadgets are used, and 2) I really enjoy winding yarn by hand. It's another meditative process in an already meditative craft. And a lovely ball of wool at the end is a very satisfying thing indeed.

The sun shining and wool winding are helping keep me sane too. Milo has been having terrible nights for a few weeks now and the sleeplessness is taking its toll. Waking six to seven times a night is draining, so I've pulled out the "No-Cry Sleep Solution" again to see if I can help Milo get more sleep. Because more sleep for him means more sleep for me, which means a much happier mommy. I may even get back to actually knitting when I'm rested...because right now, winding yarn is all I can manage.


Kerry said... [Reply to comment]

Thinking of you. Personally, I thought Pantley was a bit pants, but that's only because I am looking for a magical book that shows me where my baby's invisible "sleep switch" is located, and then I'm back to eight hours a night. The closest thing I've found is Dr. Sears' Nighttime Parenting, but that's only because I find the laziness factor of attachment parenting (ie never getting out of bed) terrifically appealing.