Monday, July 06, 2009

the official story

I won't make it graphic, and I will try to make it brief. But I will explain how the little guy came into the world, despite my best efforts at a VBAC.

Unlike Sadie's birth, the initial labour was quick. Contractions started around 5am Sunday morning, and we got to the hospital by 8:30 and I was 5cm dilated. The next few hours were spent getting to 10cm, which was more painful than last time, as every contraction was in my back and they were doubling up so that I only got relief before every 3rd contraction. I asked for an epidural near 8cm, my midwife broke my waters to see if baby's head would drop more, and the epidural finally arrived just as I had hit 10cm. Needing the relief and knowing the head was still in the same position (which was starting to sound awfully familiar) I was given the epidural - a fairly light dose - and allowed to rest as my contractions kept coming (they didn't give me anything extra because my contractions were strong and were not slowed down by the epidural). Two hours passed like this and still the baby's head was in the same position. Next step? Real pushing. The OB gave me one hour to push, hoping to see some advancement in the baby's head position. With the excellent help of my midwives and the L&D nurses, I pushed for that hour and not a minute less. But when the hour was up, the baby's head was still in the same spot. Deja vu really, because this is just what happened with Sadie. No matter how hard I tried or how strong my contractions were, my babies just don't get past a certain point in my pelvis.

The medical diagnosis with Sadie's C-Section was CPD - meaning, my pelvis is too small (or abnormally shaped, oh my!) for delivery. But this diagnosis is used all the time, and 65% of women go on to deliver their next child the old fashioned way. I figured I had a good chance of being the norm, but as my midwife now tells me, I'm only the second woman in her experience to truly have CPD. And I have been told flatly - if I have another child, it's straight to the operating table for me.

At least now I know. Recovery is the pits, but Milo is happy. Thank goodness it's 2009 (and 2004) as Jay likes to mention. As for me, I figure there's no point dwelling on what would have happened if we lived 100 years ago. I'll just focus on the fact that my body can incubate healthy babies and feed them once they arrive (and feed they do - Milo has gained 2 ounces a day since he was born, I kid you not).

So that's the story of my little Gemini. Obligatory cute photo and all.


Elizabeth said... [Reply to comment]

Holy crap. It's nice to not feel like a freak. Same thing with me, both times, exactly. Got to 10 cm no problem, but that head just never made it's way down. My womb is so ravaged now that they told me also, straight to C-section next time (not that there will be a next time).

But, in the end, all that matters is the baby. And Milo is clearly as perfect and beautiful as humans come. Welcome to the world, little buddy.

sk said... [Reply to comment]

Thanks for sharing your story! It's so great to hear your positive outlook. You are awesome! Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

So glad you are recovering well...He is stunningly beautiful. Welcome, Milo!!!