Tuesday, July 21, 2009

dear dad, a month later

(I started this post while having comtractions on Father's Day...and am just finishing it now.)

While Jay is on the cusp of being a dad again, it's time to celebrate my own dad.

Years ago my mom sent me this photobooth photo, and I instantly remembered all the details of when we had it taken. I was 6 years old, and my family of 4 was traveling by train to Chapleau, Ontario. We boarded the train at Union Station around midnight, but my Dad and I needed candy. Yes, candy (and now at 35 and 65, some things never change). So we set out into the station to track down treats for the long trip ahead. And although this part surprises me, I distinctly remember getting these photos taken. Spending money on candy is easy, but my Dad isn't one for frivilous expenses like photobooth photos. But this night he was and to my great luck, I have the photo and memory to always remind me of our candy run.

My Dad is ice cream, chocolate raisins and Coke. My Dad nurtures us with food and practical advice, and taught us that making a house a home is important and possible wherever you are (my parents have lived in 13 houses the last time I counted). He is the best gardener I know and he is the first person I ask whenever I have dilemmas around the house. He is Santa with a hint of Mrs. Claus, because there is nothing more fun than starting Christmas morning with cheese biscuits and chocolates at the same time. On the day I got married, in an uncharacteristic move just like the photobooth photo - my Dad picked out the most perfect pair of stud diamond earrings as a gift and made sure he gave them to me while I was getting dressed (I should mention, I never wear jewelry yet my Dad knew exactly what I would like). And two of the most important life lessons have come from my Dad: one, he taught me the value of money by explaining things like mortgages and taking me grocery shopping as soon as I could talk, and two, never go to bed angry. My own marriage benefits from these lessons each and every day.

So, happy belated Father's Day Dad. I'm a lucky, lucky daughter. And thankully I've learned a thing or two about hairstyles since we had our photo taken in 1980.


lamb-things said... [Reply to comment]

That is so beautiful, it made me cry....

petite gourmand said... [Reply to comment]

so so sweet..

happyness said... [Reply to comment]

Yes, this is your hairstylist calling...

How wonderful...touching my heart with endless love for my Dad...

So glad we both have Dads that loves their little girls!!!!!!!!!