Saturday, March 01, 2008

the red saga

It turns out that I am teased for how I say the word "red". For some reason I say it with a Southern drawl and I have no idea why. But maybe it explains why I had to have a red room this year.

It also turns out that having to have a red room and liking the red room are two very different things. I feel like I spent every night of this past week painting - it took three coats and a lot of delivered pizza to get through it. At this point I'm not entirely convinced I like it; it is definitely cozy at night and the colour is quite lovely, but I feel like I've broken up the main floor and I don't know how to tie it together again. Also, I've never explained that a certain painting (that I love) has been the catalyst for much of this change, and while it looks much better on a red wall, it has made everything else in the room look rather frumpy. The room is a mixture of bold choices and very subtle choices and nothing is working yet. So, I'm trying to plan a quilt for the sofa that will bridge the two lands, but my goodness a quilt is a large project. And I have a deadline set with Ragdoll to complete a series of drawings by May 1st (and she, in turn, will finish her novel!), meaning I shouldn't really add a new project to my list. Sigh.

Of course, these are trivial concerns. Life is good, making things is a pleasure, and I have a week away from work to overthink this whole red thing while catching up on being creative. I'll just be sure to avoid anything resembling a paintbrush.


Crystal said... [Reply to comment]

I think the red is a bold color. From the pictures you shared I also think it looks great with all your stuff. You are right about the painting. It makes it POP. Beautiful!

Oliver Rain said... [Reply to comment]

I think the red looks wonderful. And your stuff doesn't look frumpy. It looks done and fresh. The painting looks fantastic against the red wall.

Kristin said... [Reply to comment]

we just made a big change in the living room too - ripped up the carpet and painted the (hideous) hardwood floors a slate gray. It looks great, but its taking some getting used to. Love the red wall by the way :)

Also wanted to let you know that I'm having a grand contest over at my blog, so if you get a chance, stop on by! :)