Sunday, March 30, 2008

15 years later

Most "making" came to a halt while I was sick, but there was one project that I managed to finish. The joke though is that I started this project at least 15 years ago. I'm pretty sure it was the end of highschool and my Mom and I scored a Vogue Crochet magazine (I say score because it really was a highlight, and yes, I was that geeky for crafting even as a teen). The magazine made granny squares look pretty hip. Not so hip however was my choice of wool; it seems I haven't always been the wool snob I am now. I purchased some (gasp) 100% acrylic boucle yarn for this endeavour in a surprising combination of black, gray, yellow, orange and aqua. How I managed to keep all the yarn and squares in one place for more than a decade is beyond me. And even more beyond me is how I remembered it while I was languishing on the sofa.

Fifteen years ago I hadn't a clue for calculating yardage, so I never would have had enough yarn for a full blanket. I managed to finish up a baby-sized blanket which has already worked well as a lap blanket/cat magnet. I ran out of the black yarn completely and used Fable alpaca for the last two squares and the picot edge which is hard to see in the photo (I must stop using black wool if I ever want a decent photograph!) Part of me is planning another granny square project, especially after seeing this, and this and this. You'd think after 15 years the style would have gone back into the closet, but there is still a really hip edge when you use the right colours and wool. I can promise wool snobbery for my next one, though I may be wooed by the ripple pattern instead. Who doesn't need a project to sit around for another 15 years, right?


lamb-things said... [Reply to comment]

I saw the throw in person and it looks amazing with the black trim. What a good way to update the granny square, samantha.....