Thursday, August 31, 2006

things to come

Here are the bits and pieces of what I'm up to. The two knitting books are waiting to be reviewed by me in some form; the first is Sexy Little Knits and the next Morehouse Farm Merino Knits. I have gone through both with the intention of trying a pattern from each. Unfortunately the cover of Sexy Little Knits is more inspiring than most of the patterns (unless you liked fashion in the 80's), but Morehouse Farms will be easy - the patterns are simple and the children's mittens are adorable so I think I will start there. Sadie will need to keep those little hands warm soon enough.

Next up, my knitting. Jay's scarf is half finished and I am still in love with this wool. It has a wonderful weight and bounce to it, plus the mottled effect of the dye is stunning (I'm not sure the photo does it justice). The other wool is to make a scarf for myself, though I don't know what pattern I'll attempt. I'd like a lacey scarf, but there's too much risk that I'll never finish it so I may just go with seed stitch like Jay's scarf. Tried and true, right?

Last, but certainly not least in my mind, is a tiny preview of my cross stitch project. It looks fairly boring in this state, I know. Trust me that it is going somewhere and I'm really just getting the hang of which materials to use and how to get through a lot of text without going bug-eyed. I feel really good about this project so I'll keep you posted as is starts getting somewhere.

And now I might take a break to start reading a biography of Margaret Mead's. Thank goodness it's a long weekend!


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Which wool you are using for knitting these things? I am excited to see how your final product comes up. I am also knitting a cap and a scarf for my little one for Christmas.