Wednesday, August 23, 2006

camera ready

Not quite two and this girl knows how to pose. The other great update in her world is that she has a little polar bear named George, but coming from Sadie's mouth it sounds more like "Dorge!" (insert great toddler excitement as you say it). I love hearing it and find every opportunity to coax Sadie into saying it over and over again. Bad mommy.

Summer is almost over and like last year, I'm feeling a burst of "making" energy. I've started a scarf for Jay out of hand-dyed Koigu merino wool (it's so soft and light, I wish I'd tried it loong ago), a cotton sweater for Sadie, and best of all, an actual art/conceptual project using cross stitch. I'm so addicted to it that I was even stitching on the subway today behind Sadie's stroller as she said hello to everyone around her (while also offering complimentary Melba toast). I'll take photos soon, promise. The other reason for finding some creative momentum has been that I have way more workspace now; before Sadie was born I had our big bedroom as a studio but it became a bedroom for all three of us once Sadie arrived. But Sadie's happily been on her own for a while now so Jay suggested we take the big room back as a shared studio for both of us. What a fantastic suggestion - not only is it a great space, but we'll also get to spend more time together while working. It's a win-win all around. Yeah for husbands with great ideas!


lamb-things said... [Reply to comment]

sadie really does know how to pose, i can't get enough of her. I've been printing all the latest pics and ran dad's printer out of ink....oops. hope you show us what you are working on very soon, cannot wait!

3rd. generation mom

Tracy said... [Reply to comment]

ah studio space. sounds perfect! v. curious about your cross stich endeavour...