Sunday, October 16, 2016

wellington worksock shawl

Darn Instagram! I have become so used to sharing stories and progress there, that I didn't even add this pattern here. A pattern I published last winter, no less! All I can say is: oops.

This is the Wellington Worksock Shawl, named for a town in my favourite area of Ontario and to reference the classic wool work sock which inspired the shawl's design. The shawl's triangular construction is simple and straightforward because the big fun is in choosing your colour combination. I'm still a huge fan of Brooklyn Tweed's Shelter line, and their palette is just so perfect for this shawl. The samples above were knit with Postcard, Fossil and Sweatshirt (top) and Sweatshirt, Fossil and Camper (bottom).

But to be honest, I'm most excited by all the yarn options and colour combinations that other knitters have come up with - which is exactly why producing patterns is so rewarding. Sharing written instructions with others and seeing how they bring those words to life with needles and string?

It's pure magic.


Diane said... [Reply to comment]

I love the shawl. Oh and don't Brooklyn Tweed have such great names? I love the name "postcard". Lovely shawl -- thanks for sharing and great to see another Canadian.

Casey said... [Reply to comment]

Great shawl! I love the combination that you used, it's perfect.

GRIT said... [Reply to comment]

I heard about the shawl on the Gentle Knitter podcast, and looked it up on Ravelry, and it was love at first sight! I happen to have 5 skeins of shelter languishing in my stash, and the color is storm cloud so I think it will be good. I ordered a skein of the the fossil and the camper because I love that combination! I'll be casting on as soon as the order gets here!

sam lamb said... [Reply to comment]

@GRIT Oh wow, I had no idea Nicole mentioned it on her podcast! Isn't it so fun when you hear about a project and have just the yarn for it? Stormcloud is a great colour and will look so good with Fossil and Camper. Happy knitting and let me know how it goes! :)

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