Wednesday, January 06, 2016

of hats and words

So quick and so satisfying. Is there really anything better than knitting a hat? 

Hats are also the perfect project for when you spot some new wool that you just have to purchase, even though you're aware your stash is overflowing. Within a few days of picking up two lovely skeins of Nurtured by Julie Asselin, the wool was completely knit up and there was nothing left to store away. Phew.

I'm still a little addicted to knitting hearts, but being a modifier by nature, I couldn't resist modifying my own pattern. I used only two colours, added extra height and changed the decreases to elongate the crown shaping a bit. I actually have fairly puffy hair so the beanie style doesn't really work on me as much as I wish it did. The extra height has made this hat super wearable, and I'm loving the wool for warmth and feel (oh, and colour - these two colours are wonderful!). All in all, a successful modification which I'm about to repeat in black and grey for a friend. And I think it's safe to say I could knit hearts every day.

Over the holiday season I worked through a couple of books which cover quite a range of styles. Lost Lake by Sarah Addison Allen was perfectly satisfying as a light, romantic read (it turns out my light reading has become "magical realism", who knew?). Sadie recommended her all-time favourite novel, Awake and Dreaming by Kit Pearson and it was quite good. It wrapped up a bit fast at the end, but the main character was richly drawn and her experiences tugged at the heart. Sharing these books with Sadie means we end up having conversations about the topics they raise, in this case, how poverty affects children (for this reason alone, I'll happily keep taking her recommendations.) I haven't actually finished Wherever You Go, There You Are, instead I'm reading bits at a time and not rushing through. A book about meditation probably isn't meant to be devoured, right? But I've stayed up way too late the past few nights with Red Ruby Heart in a Cold Blue Sea. I wasn't expecting to be pulled in so much by the characters, but it's been fun to start 2016 with a good, solid mystery.

For more reading and knitting, visit today's Yarnalong. Ginny also has some wonderful news to share!


Zena said... [Reply to comment]

The hearts hat turned great. Looks so good on you!

Caroline said... [Reply to comment]

What a beautiful hat!!

Diane said... [Reply to comment]

gosh, I really love the hat. I also enjoyed reading your comments/recommendations about those books. I'm going to look a couple up. I just finished reading "Me Before You" by JoJo Moyes. I absolutely loved it. It grabbed me so much I shared my thoughts on my last blog post because I felt others might like it too. Happy knitting.

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