Wednesday, August 31, 2011

productive pause

Amid a predictably busy summer at work, I was given a tough suggestion to deal with the stress: temporarily give up all my hobbies except one. Sure, I was terror-stricken at the thought, but it only took me half a second to choose which one I would keep. It's the one that slows my mind down and helps me breathe deeply. It's tactile and full of possibilities and has taught me the wonders of patience. So while everything else is put aside, my knitting needles will keep me company.

What's amazing is how much knitting has happened since that decision one week ago. I finished these legwarmers - something I had started months ago after a failed attempt at a Citron Shawl using this purple Koigu wool. The pattern is Some Cloudy Day by Tiny Owl Knits and I love the simple lace effect, which was a really easy set of stitches to memorize. I may try a modified version (basically a smaller multiple of 6 stitches) in a worsted or aran weight to get chunkier pair for really cold weather. Or perhaps a tinier version for Sadie because it's possible that wearing legwarmers is more appropriate for 6 year olds anyway? (Though the same could be said for wearing bright red Mary Jane shoes, but that has never stopped me before - thank you Trove for having such an excellent summer sale!)

And as Milo napped Friday afternoon I also started the Golden Wheat Cardigan using my all-time favourite wool Debbie Bliss' Luxury Donegal Tweed, in the very same colourway as the Mara Shawl I knit last year (it's just that awesome a colourway). It's a top-down, seamless pattern and I'm already 3 inches into the body. Clearly this focusing on one hobby has productivity going for it...not that I should be focused on being productive (actually, that's exactly the opposite of the intention) but it's been a pleasant outcome so far. I am still reading though, because I think reading is more like breathing and eating, and not really a hobby at all. Although it's not in the photo, I finished up The Girl Who Fell from the Sky. It was swift, haunting and thoroughly engaging. I haven't been able to finish The Illumination (sorry Ragdoll!) but it does boast an amazing premise and an awesome cover too.

For more stories of knitting and reading loveliness, check out this week's Yarn Along.


Ellen said... [Reply to comment]

Oh I don't know. I would like to knit up a pair of leg warmers for me. Do they stay up?

Knitters Notebook said... [Reply to comment]

I have been wanting to make a pair of leg warmers...but I still struggle with dpns.....

Love the color also!!!


Swanski said... [Reply to comment]

Knitting has been my therapy for years! Glad you are keeping the hobby. The leg warmers are just adorable!!

Lori ann said... [Reply to comment]

how lovely all your knitting is, the leg warmers and red shoes are so charming together, I love it.

yes knitting, i think there have been times it saved me, it is definetly my comfort, and I could never be without it either.

now I want a pair of red shoes too! said... [Reply to comment]

those are lovely. just adorable. i agree, reading is like eating or breathing, maybe that is why i have been eating so much and having a hard time breathing...because i haven't had time to be reading!


Yarny Days said... [Reply to comment]

I love those legwarmers! Great color and texture.

Steph said... [Reply to comment]

The legwarmers are lovely... but I think I'm in love with your shoes.

Trove looks like an awesome store! Unfortunately, no business or personal trips to your city for me any time soon.:(