Monday, April 25, 2011

colour wonder

Warning: my little friend firmly believes in modelling and I have a hard time editing the photos that he's in. This dilemma ends with having more than the necessary amount of photos in one single post. Pretend that I'm writing about a quilt and not an almost-two-year-old.

It feels good to finish a quilt - especially one that has been kicking around for over a year. I must give credit to Amanda at Soulemama for the inspiration; surely if she can finish a twin size quilt while 8ish months pregnant with her 5th child, I must be able to get mine done, right? But let me at least lay blame in the size of my house because for the longest time I just couldn't figure out how to baste the layers together. There is no floor space big enough in this small dwelling...and it's not even a big quilt. But then one night I realized I could take this to my father-in-law's and baste it on his empty, spacious tile floors. Next hurdle - remembering to do this when a visit was looming. Finally, I had everything ready and two weekends ago I selfishly used a visit to pin everything together. Then I spent this past Thursday machine quilting and binding it. Things are wonky - for instance, I chose turquoise thread for the quilting (what was I thinking?), the lines aren't very straight (umm, should have paid attention to Soulemama's trick for that), and there's a host of problems with my binding, but overall it's done. And it's usable. And Milo loves to lay down on it because the extra thick batting (again, what was I thinking?) makes it really puffy and comfy.

And in the spirit of adding colourful blankets to the house, my Mom made me an awesome granny square lap blanket for my birthday. I feel really spoiled. She did a fantastic job and I just love the palette. There's something so timeless and so fun about granny squares. If you're a fan you should check out this Flickr group, and if you're in Toronto I think this workshop would be amazing.

It's definitely a colourful spring around here.


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