Monday, April 19, 2010

oh boy

I am smitten with the 90 Minute Shirt. There is just something about making clothes from knit fabric that feels so good. Plus, this pattern is totally helping me conquer my fear about knit fabrics, while helping me learn a thing or two about my serger and sewing machine. (For instance, I found out that I have a stretch knit stitch.  Who knew?)

The tutorials for this shirt and making-a-pattern-from-existing-clothes are excellent and just what I needed to get started (how did I miss this great site for so long? Thanks to Meg for showing me the way!) I still had some shirts from Jay that were earmarked for clothes for Milo, but I also love the idea of making some PLAIN garments too. Don't get me wrong, the Mr. Rogers and the snake graphic above are great - it's just that most boys clothes have "stuff" on them and it would be nice to simplify Milo's wardrobe. I mean, check out these options - how cool are they?

It wasn't easy to get shots of these clothes in action - because Milo is always in action and also in low-light situations. But here is one anyway. The onesie is only going to fit him for about one more week, so I've since adjusted my pattern to make bigger shirts. What can I say - he's a robust little boy.

One thing's for sure - there's more of these shirts to come.


katie jean said... [Reply to comment]

looks great! I'm off to check out these sites, thanks :)