Saturday, February 06, 2010

shroom, part 1

Let me first say that I'm a big fan of this pattern. It has just the right amount of interest and mindless knitting, plus it comes together fast. But even so, I've already unravelled this hat.

I cast on an extra 8 stitches because I worried about my huge head. This meant that the cast on edge would actually fit (I even cast on with a larger needle too - nice trick!) but when done, the ribbing section wouldn't stay in place. All I had to do was walk outside to take these photos to make the hat slip over my eyes. The verdict was clear - I would never wear it.

Oh well. The wool is so great (Debbie Bliss Chunky Donegal Tweed) that I've since finished mittens and a simpler hat with it. And I'm almost done a Shroom for Sadie, though my circular needle just broke and we're snowed in today, so I'm not sure I'll be getting it done. Because in case you've heard, New Jersey is getting whacked with snow and that is where we are right now. Jay has an opening tonight at a gallery and it looks like the whole area is closing down. Thank goodness this hotel has a pool.

We knew a road trip in February was risky, but who knew I'd need back up knitting needles?

(Edited to remove the photo with my face. I couldn't handle seeing that image on here - talk about vanity!)


ltrsktr said... [Reply to comment]

Oh my gosh and I loved that picture of you! The hat is awesome.