Tuesday, January 05, 2010

abandon ship?

It's not the best kids book out there, but in Sailor Critter my favourite line is "Abandon ship!  Every Critter for himself!" It makes Milo laugh every time, and it's exactly how I feel about this cardigan. Which means I should really call the post Abandon Shalom.

Sure, everyone has made one. Sure, I've gotten past the bulk of the garment. But here's the problem(s): even though the yoke seems to fit perfectly, I have way too many stitches in the body. Oh, and I'm not sure I like it.  So, two rather large problems that almost have me rewinding the yarn I've used. I took the photo to see if I might change my mind, and really, maybe I have. It represents a lot of time, holiday time to be specific, to simply undo. And maybe when it's done I'll like it. Which means I have some tricky math to work out because if I wing it and it goes wrong once again, I'll feel rather foolish for the new time invested. Argh.

But I do love the buttons I have for this. That I am sure of.


C.E.R. said... [Reply to comment]

In my humble opinion, it's beautiful...the color is to die for!

christine said... [Reply to comment]

i vote...go for it! (but i also understand the time:it-better-work ratio. love your site, by the way.