Sunday, February 01, 2009


20 weeks and counting.  I am 100% sure that my belly was not this big at 20 weeks the first time around, and the simple fact that I have to wear layers of clothing right now is making me crazy uncomfortable.  With Sadie, my bulging belly was covered with lightweight sundresses and single layer t-shirts.  But even with an elevated body temperature, I need layers in this chilly winter weather which has caused me to enter the I-can't-get-comfortable-sitting-on-the-couch phase about, oh, 3 months early.

The perk of the halfway mark is feeling the baby move and kick and punch with all of its 10 ounce might.  And the 19 week ultrasound was pretty fascinating too, although we didn't give in and ask the he/she question.  Sadie is completely on the side of it being a girl baby, while I have these boy feelings...but I had boy feelings last time and was certainly proven wrong.  It's nice to have a surprise waiting for you in 5 months, right?  Right?  This is what I tell myself anyway, over and over again, while I try not to think about passing up the one chance we had to find out.

In the meantime, I am trying to stay productive - as long as it means I can sit on the couch to do so.  Our trusty new laptop is helping this cause, and knitting is truly the best hobby (fingers crossed I don't get carpal tunnel syndrome this time as it ended my handcraft diversions until after Sadie was born).  Ravelry serves both interests, and Sadie and I have been known to lie back and indulge in videos at  Now that I think of it, 20 more weeks of this sounds pretty good.

Big belly notwithstanding.


May said... [Reply to comment]

I am a few weeks away from wee one #3, and I can totally identify with being bigger each time. The second time I showed earlier than the first, and this time I thought I was getting a pot belly before I even took the test. Sheesh. It's just as exciting as it was the first time though. :D Congrats.