Thursday, June 12, 2008

fuzzy cupcake

One night, while watching Hustle & Flow, I decided to knit a cupcake. I had no pattern, just an urgent desire to make a soft and ridiculously fuzzy version of the special dessert. Using scraps of wool and a half attentive mind, I finished most of it and settled for believing I would complete the bottom soon. I even went so far as filling the cupcake with stuffing...but then it sat. And sat. And moved a few times when I needed more room on my sewing table. And then sat some more.

Enter Sadie. Being 3 1/2 means looking at everything as potential doll clothes. She spied the unfinished cupcake, yanked the stuffing right out (onto the floor I might add, being 3 1/2 means also being messy) and placed it on dirty Baby Julia's head. And instantly, it was the cutest little hat I ever did see.

So Sadie is officially my WIP Fairy Godmother. Time to leave a few more sad and lonely projects in her path.


Kristin said... [Reply to comment]

I am absolutely LOVING the cupcake hat!! What a brilliant little one you have :)