Tuesday, June 10, 2008

a fresh pack

I have to say, the guy really knows his gum.

Jay is exhibiting 15 new pieces in a solo show at LE Gallery here in Toronto up until June 29th. There is an opening reception this Friday, and the gallery has graciously posted all the works here. I find the overall feeling of the pieces to be darker, more serious than his previous work, which is a curious evolution. Perhaps others will see this too; besides being"cool" to find the show written about on coolhunting.com today, it seems the writer had a similar reaction. And as usual, I'm pretty proud of my guy.

Hopefully with the pre-show tension over and life returning to normal, I can get back to a few creative projects...and actually have something new to share here. My Coquette Lace Tube Top is almost done, but it will involve a quick trip to Mokuba for some ribbon, and I have a couple of sewing projects on the go. So with a can of Coke and some chocolate raisins, I may just get somewhere.

(P.S. edited to add: oh Blogger, how you frustrate me. All I tried to do was place photos within the text and now every time I post I have to insert paragraph breaks into the HTML. Arghh.)


lamb-things said... [Reply to comment]

We all enjoyed Jay's 'art show opening' very much, along with just being in Toronto on a hot summer night........and bonus we got to see you both and Sadie.

I loved all of Jay's pieces, would be hard pressed to pick a favourite....well, perhaps 'Avril Lavigne.'