Friday, January 11, 2008

raspberry dreaming

Sewing with raspberry fabrics was another holiday vacation staple of mine. I've had a to-do list for Sadie's bedroom for quite some time and it felt great to get through most of it. First, a quilt for her bed. This was started many, many years ago when my dear friend Kristen and I had a sewing business (called Red Needle Design). This quilt top was one thing I kept and it's been on my shelves, un-quilted, for years. The inside fabrics are fuschia dupioni silk and dark red velveteen, bordered with an upholstery weight dot and then backed and bound with a cotton gingham. I tied every corner with raspberry embroidery thread and overall it's the measurements of a throw - or the perfect size for the end of a little girl's twin bed. Oh, and although it wasn't raspberry I also made her duvet cover. After many failed attempts to find a cover I could just purchase, I gave up and just made her one. I had enough fabric laying around and you just can't beat MOP button closures.

This closet has been doorless forever, so I took the gingham theme and made a girly curtain to hide the mess. Happy with how it turned out, I picked up another tension rod and did the same thing on her window (not shown). Suddenly, her room really is a space for a little-big girl. My one last idea - as hinted at by the paint chips taped near the door - is to paint that one wall raspberry. Both Sadie and I are leaning towards the top chip, and I figure that if we agree, it must be worth doing...right? After that, her list is done.

For now, anyway.


melissa said... [Reply to comment]

I love it - it's perfect, the whole room! I've just started making a big boy bedroom for Ben - even though his still in his cot, I figure that since he's walking that makes him a real big boy!

Well done and clever you - the room looks wonderful!

Elizabeth said... [Reply to comment]

It's so grown-up! I love the quilt and the raspberry colour is so sweet and girly, but not too little girly. Lucky Sadie!

lamb-things said... [Reply to comment]

It looks great, I especially like the curtain on the closet.